Doris Wolfe

In September 2018, Doris Wolfe was cleaning her porch when she took a fall that fractured her left shoulder, eye, nose, both wrists and sinuses while also bruising her brain.


Wolfe was admitted to Ridgeview Terrace of Life Care in Rutledge, Tennessee, for rehabilitation in October.


Upon admission, Wolfe could not bear weight on her left arm, and her right wrist was in a splint. She also required assistance to stand, eat, swallow her medicine, perform basic hygiene tasks and dress herself.


Ridgeview Terrace provided physical, occupational and speech therapies to improve Wolfe’s ability to perform mobility tasks, self-care tasks and to rehabilitate her chewing and swallowing abilities.


Occupational therapy helped Wolfe increase her performance of everyday tasks, and physical therapy consisted of strengthening activities to improve mobility and balance. Speech therapy helped Wolfe eat and take her medications with less pain and difficulty.


Throughout the therapy process, Wolfe made steady improvements. Every time Wolfe visited her physician, she was cleared to participate in tasks of increasing complexity and difficulty, such as arm exercises to increase her range of motion, exercises to increase her gait distance and the resumption of a regular diet.


Finally, Wolfe was cleared to begin weight bearing activity on her arm and use a walker to assist with her gait. From there, she was able to perform self-care tasks independently, which were outside of her ability only a month before.


“All of the therapists and nurses there were so good to me,” said Wolfe. “They got me walking again!”


She returned home on Dec. 11, excited to be home before Christmas and satisfied with her stay at Ridgeview Terrace.