Danny Seal

On July 27, 2018, Danny Seal came to Ridgeview Terrace of Life Care in Rutledge, Tennessee, for rehab due to fractures in his left foot and tibia.


Seal was no stranger to Ridgeview Terrace, having completed a successful stay for rehab following a stroke several years earlier. He successfully completed rehab for his fractures and was discharged from therapy but stayed at Ridgeview Terrace while awaiting approval for home-based services to allow him to return home with assistance.


In May 2019, Seal reported an increase in right foot pain, which led to a decrease in his functional mobility. Physical therapy performed an evaluation, which revealed deficits in lower-extremity strength, balance, transfers and gait. He required minimal assistance with transfers and was only able to walk 10 feet with minimal assistance. He was only to rise from a chair one time in 30 seconds.


Seal began skilled PT interventions five days a week with strengthening exercises, as well as transfer, balance and gait training.


“Danny was very motivated to return to his prior level and quickly began to progress toward his goals,” said Amy Kuykendall, director of rehab services.


Seal was able to improve his transfer skills and strengthened his legs to the point he was able to rise from a chair 10 times in 30 seconds. Therapists also used a new standardized test to address gait.


Initially, it took Seal more than two minutes to walk 20 feet, indicating an increased risk for falls, but as therapy progressed, he improved that time to 19 seconds, greatly reducing his risk for falls. His balance and activity tolerance improved, and his gait distance returned to his prior level.


On July 5, Seal completed physical therapy, having met his goals. Upon discharge, he was able to transfer with no assistance from staff, had no complaints of pain and was able to walk independently with a straight cane.


“I think you all did a wonderful job with therapy,” said Seal. “Everyone here was very helpful and helped me succeed in therapy.”


On July 15, he was able to return home.